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About SafeHouse Denver's Programs and Services


Established in 1977, SafeHouse Denver operates the only shelter in the City and County of Denver that exclusively serves victims of domestic violence. SafeHouse also runs a non-residential Counseling & Advocacy Center where we provide all of our support services to adults, children and youth experiencing intimate partner violence who don't need emergency housing.

SafeHouse Denver works to eliminate domestic violence in our communities by

  • providing shelter and counseling to victims of abuse;
  • working with public and community agencies to improve the way our systems respond to domestic violence;
  • and by offering educational programming to prevent future violence.

SafeHouse began as a 16-bed shelter providing a safe place for women and their children. Today, SafeHouse's shelter has 26 beds plus cribs, serving more than 250 women and children in a typical year. In addition, SafeHouse serves hundreds more adults, children and youth through non-residential services. More than just keeping victims safe, SafeHouse services include individual counseling, advocacy support groups, legal assistance and referrals to other services.

SafeHouse Denver Mission Statement

SafeHouse Denver assists adults, children, and youth in reclaiming their right to a life free from domestic violence.

Goals of the Organization

SafeHouse strives to:

  • intervene in domestic violence with services that empower adults, children and youth to live free from domestic abuse.
  • prevent domestic violence through education efforts that foster and support a broad movement for violence-free communities.
  • facilitate an interactive, collaborative community response to relationship violence that identifies victims earlier, makes victim services more accessible, and builds community awareness and accountability.

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