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Trauma Informed Yoga: A New Complement to Services

Trauma Informed Yoga: A New Complement to Services

Domestic violence trauma can live on in a survivor’s body for a long time. The body stores memories of abuse and terror, often leaving a survivor with a lack of connection to their own bodies, and a feeling that it isn’t safe to be present in the moment.

We are excited to share that SafeHouse Denver will soon offer a trauma informed yoga class for current clients and residents. Led by one of our advocates who has trained in trauma informed yoga, it will act as a complement to talk therapy for interested survivors.

Trauma informed yoga takes the core elements of yoga – mindfulness and breathing techniques – and uses them to help survivors find present moment awareness. It can also be a place that provides survivors with a sense of hope and empowerment over their bodies again; a place to choose what they will do with their bodies instead of someone else making a choice for them. Thank you to the Kiwi Club of Denver and Mudra Yoga Studios for their generous donations towards training and classroom props.

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