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24-Hour Crisis and Information Line

SafeHouse Denver Crisis and Information Line


24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Accessing SafeHouse Denver services is easy via the SafeHouse crisis line. For additional crisis line and shelter numbers, please refer to the Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Speaking to an Advocate

When someone calls the crisis line number, they speak to an Advocate who is either a SafeHouse staff member or a trained volunteer. This Advocate provides basic assistance such as helping the caller determine if their relationship is abusive or not. For example, the Advocate may help the caller to develop a safety plan or decide if she wants to obtain a civil restraining order.

People who call the crisis line have many different types of needs, questions, or concerns related to domestic violence. Battered women call seeking counseling or shelter services, referrals to legal or housing resources in the community, or for immediate emotional support. Some callers are not domestic violence victims themselves, but are calling about a family member, a friend, or an employee. These callers are helped with suggestions about basic safety and how to support the battered woman.

Spanish Speaking Advocates

Spanish speaking advocates are usually available to respond to crisis line callers during business hours (9- 4 Monday through Friday). If a Spanish-speaking person calls the crisis line and a Spanish-speaking advocate is not available, the caller is transferred to a message (in Spanish) which informs the caller when they will receive a call back from a Spanish- speaking advocate. The caller is then asked to leave a message with their name and a call-back number.

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