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Impact of Your Donation

A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated and supports adults, children and youth in reclaiming their right to a life free of domestic violence.

Your gift of…

$75 provides one night of safe shelter for one survivor at our Emergency Shelter.

$100 supports one teen’s participation in 3 group sessions, where they’ll learn about warning signs of abusive behavior and how to build healthy relationships.

$250 provides one child with 7 individual counseling sessions at the Counseling and Advocacy Center, helping them make a safety plan and process the abuse they've witnessed.

$500 supports one survivor’s participation in 14 group sessions at the Counseling and Advocacy Center, allowing her/him the space to connect with other survivors and heal from abuse.

$1,000 gives one survivor 13 individual counseling sessions, providing crisis intervention, safety planning and referrals to community resources.

$2,500 will give a parent and child 17 nights of safety, support and basic needs at our Emergency Shelter.

$5,000 is enough funding to provide two survivors each with a full month of safe shelter and resources.

Read how your support benefits adults, children and youth in our community. Thank you for your commitment to the life-saving work of SafeHouse Denver!

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